#EarthwormDay at Valmonte School

Diana Heffernan-Schrader invited me to Valmonte School in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. to share my worm Presentation to three classes. They learned The Earthworm Song, met Tola the worm puppet, danced the Earthworm Wiggle, made worm boxes, and got to touch the worms. They even witnessed me kissing a worm!
From her Facebook page she wrote:
“Worm assembly with the lovely Alicia Previn, author of “The Earthworm Book”…
She rocked out with her guitar, singing worm songs, dancing the earthworm wiggle, sharing worm puppets and making worm compost bins with the pre-K kiddos! We are so lucky to have had this special day with her!”
Pictures Follow:

Earthworm Tola PresentationEarthworm Presentation 3Earthworm Paper Bedding PresentationEarthworm Presentation 2Earthworm PresentationEarthworm Touching PresentationEarthworm Girl Touch Presentation


“The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise” is quoted again!

This is an important article for all to read and understand


In Memorial: IVANPAH

“The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise” was written in response to this devastating true story of destruction and loss. The newspapers tried to ignore my book. The “green” industry was clapping and rejoicing, but it turns ugly now. We tried to fight to protect our last pristine desert, but BIG ENERGY won. There are still projects slated all across our deserts to fight against. There are plenty of places already distressed where energy can really be a sustainable resource without killing and losing precious things. Join the awareness and teach your children. We need them to understand to be advocates for the desert, animals and resources.

This Place Matters - from the film, Who Are My People?


BY Roy L Hales

“The Ivanpah project is a shining example of how America is becoming a world leader in solar energy,” said Secretary Moniz, in the press release announcing the project’s opening. “As the President made clear in the State of the Union, we must continue to move toward a cleaner energy economy, and this project shows that building a clean energy economy creates jobs, curbs greenhouse gas emissions, and fosters American innovation.”

According to a recent article in the Wall Street journal, Ivanpah may be one of the last giant desert solar project and “costs about four times as much as a conventional natural gas-fired plant, but will produce far less electricity.”

Ivanpah is the world’s largest concentrating solar power (CSP) plant and also a  Chemehuevi word meaning “white clay water.”

In 2010, DR James Andre, Director of Sweeny Granite Mountains Desert Research Institute, UC Riverside,  said Ivanpah sits in one of the last large intact desert ecosystems left in the desert South West. He estimated that 5-10% of the plant species there are not even recorded.

“There are a lot of animals out here that need to be protected, nobody is their voice,”  said Reverend Ron Van Fleet, a Mojave leader.

DesertTortoise 800x576 In Memorial: Ivanpah

Desert Tortoise – Mark A. Wilson (Department of Geology, The College of Wooster) released into Public Domain

When they moved the desert tortoises to make way for Ivanpah, an estimated 1,300 adult males are believed to have died.

“They did not count the juveniles or the eggs,” said Van Fleet – A mojave leader whose clan symbol is the tortoise.

As a recent California Energy CommissionEnvironmental Impact Analysis admitted, it is not certain that industrial scale desert projects like this do more good than harm: “In order to build the facility, the plants, animals and soil of the native desert acreage are damaged and destroyed, which releases CO2. Presently, there is still dispute among scientists as to how to accurately measure the benefits and the loss…”

The Desert Protective Council and Western Watersheds have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Interior for failing “to analyze more environmentally sound alternatives to large-scale remote desert solar development, such as rooftop solar and distributed generation (DG) in the already built environment and on contaminated lands landfills and mine sites, as is required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Indeed, the above alternatives were also supported by the administration’s own Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their Re-Powering American Lands Paper.”

Ivanpah is also a place that the Mojave and Chemehuevi peoples consider sacred. According to Van Fleet, there are 7 or 8 ancient alters there, dedicated to the wind, fire, flesh, corn etc. One of them is depicted in the foreground of the picture at the top of this page. Behind it are two girls, holding a sign that says “This Place Matters.”

Ivanpah has been on the California Independent System Operator’s list of “curtailed and non-operational” power plants for months. It had “an effective 79 percent downtime rate” during January and the problems continued into early February.

“The plant has been plagued by problems ranging from a surprising number of Threatened desert tortoises on the site, to apparent solar flux injury to migrating birds, to a series of small fires that broke out when operators first aimed heliostats at the towers,” wrote San Diego columnist Chris Clark.

“Now that the project’s completed, with a formal opening ceremony scheduled for the second week in February, the project has almost inadvertently been designated as an experimental solar flux wildlife laboratory. Designer BrightSource Energy has asked the California energy Commission to suspend hearings on its larger Palen Solar Electric Generating System until data on wildlife injuries from Ivanpah can be collected and analyzed.”

800px Ivanpah Solar Power Facility 2 In Memorial: Ivanpah

Looking west towards the Ivanpah’s three boiler towers – Flickr: Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, Craig Dietrich photo, Courtesy Wikipedia.

According to the press release announcing it opening, “Ivanpah has the capacity to generate 392 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity – enough to power 94,400 average American homes – most of which will be sold under long-term power purchase agreements to Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison Company. The project is a joint effort by NRG, Google, and BrightSource Energy, and Bechtel served as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor.”

“Ivanpah is gone,”  said Alfredo Figuerora, whose La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle has been fighting to preserve Native American’s heritage .

The battle continues elsewhere.


We are advocates for protecting the earth and the pristine desert, along with the animals that have lived there for thousands of years. New thoughtful forward-thinking projects welcomed…


Gift Ideas and Indie-Publisher Support

I have been bringing awareness to everyone I meet and all over the internet on my website and many social media sites through my illustrated children’s book, “The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise” ever since I met with award-winning filmmaker Robert Lundahl and heard him tell me of his making the “Who Are My People?” documentary. The book covers this travesty in our pristine deserts from the animals’ perspective and includes Alfredo (La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle) as a main character. I have also been posting every article I can find about the solar industry’s mistakes, problems, even a new distressed land solar maps etc.  (See my website www.TheEarthwormBook.com)

At the screening in San Diego of “Who Are My People?” I introduced Robert and opened up the meeting by reading an excerpt from the book and talked about what had moved me to write and illustrate it. Several women present expressed delight as they had been hoping for a way to present this problem to children, and now here was the way.
‘Tis The Season for giving gifts and love.
“The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise” is a non-fiction book that is a perfect gift for your nieces, nephews, kids and grandkids. The desert is a precious place with many important aspects that need our protection and support. Get informed. Ages:Elementary grades Available at Barnes&Noble MiraMesa (signed copies), all online bookstores worldwide and linked here.
“The Earthworm Book/CD” comes with audio narration, music, The Earthworm Song, all for beginning reading with page-turning sounds. Ages 0-3rd grade. A practical application for the whole family how to build a worm-box for making worm castings out of your kitchen scraps to feed your plants. Hand-drawn illustrations. On sale on Amazon.com through www.TheEarthwormBook.com link.

Petition to Protect Pristine Desert

Please Sign and Share:



Barnes&Noble Book Signing Children’s Event

Really good news about Barnes&Noble in Mira Mesa, they are having an “alternative Black Friday” on Friday the 22nd of November. I am scheduled from 2-4pm to read my book, sing, dance, answer questions, and they will have my book “The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise” for me to sign and sell!! I can have The Earthworm Book&CD there but can’t sell it as they don’t carry it. But Amazon.com and this website www.TheEarthwormBook.com do! Hope you might stop in with your friends and children as there will be lots of other interesting presentations and vendors as well!

How to build a simple wormbox...

Let’s look at a worm up close…


The Solar Industry is not what it seems…

Some animal rights activists are wondering just how many birds green energy may unintentionally kill as more and more birds turn up dead at solar energy facilities throughout California.

The green industry is not what it seems. We need to educate our children on how to be truly sustainable, where progress means the pristine habitat, renewable energy, and the Native Tribes’ cultural resources (that are all over our deserts) all are in agreement and harmony. I’ve written a children’s illustrated book that is entertaining, humorous and enlightening, with beautiful photographs of the desert and all spoken from the animal’s perspective. A practical application at the end of the book gives Energy Saving practices. Available on all online bookstores worldwide and right here on this website. This is very important for our children’s inheritance.


The Need for Utility Companies to Change

The future of sustainable energy is in our hands. Just like years ago when only the white coats behind closed doors had a computer and now we can all have them in our own pockets, we have the ability to harness solar energy on our very rooftops! Ask Walter and all the desert animals, they will tell you this is the best place for them. Most benefit to you and to the pristine desert. The utility companies are beginning to realize all the power isn’t in their hands! Important article below with a picture of the beautiful desert and a picture covered with solar panels taken from my new book and linked to this site:

The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise is an important book for everyone to read and/or read to your children! Get one here today through links to Amazon.com & all online bookstores worldwide


2 Desert Solar Plants May Harm Thousands of Tortoises

We need to educate ourselves and especially our children about what is going on in our deserts under the banner of “green” and “sustainable.” A lot of harm is being done that we do not see! Please click on the Amazon.com link on this page and go and buy the book. Spread the word.

Keep it going; be aware and knowledgeable for our children’s and for our future, and all the beauty and wildlife of the desert. Solar is good, but do not put it in this habitat.

The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise



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